Why use Houston Apartment Locators?
                                      Apartment Locators REALLY are FREE!

Apartment Locators make it their business to know how all the different apartment complexes around Houston and how they qualify applicants.
Apartment Locators know which properties will work with issues, such as bad credit or a broken lease, even if you have no issues we can still help! Apartment Locators know where the best move in specials are, they know who accepts pets, who gives a employer discount, who has the best pool, in short...Apartments Locators KNOW THE APARTMENTS, that is their job. There is absolutely no fees to you in any way, you get the same price whether you walk into the apartment office with or without a locator, the difference is...the Apartment locator knows Apartments have the best SPECIALS, PRICES, MOVE IN DEALS or WHAT EVER you are looking for.

The economy has caused a lot of people a lot of pain, you dont need to add even more paid by being denied by an apartment complex. We have seen folks that use to live in 4000 sq ft homes that they lost to foreclosure get denied for an apartment, what a slap!

We have the BEST online data base with photos, floor plans and prices, we know whcih apartments will work with broken leases, bankruptcy, foreclosure & bad credit
If you need a place to live and are looking for a second chance, please SEARCH HERE and we will find great apartmetns that WILL give you a second chance.

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